We are devrella, a developer marketing and developer relations consultancy. We will conduct our business in ways that are principled, transparent and accountable to our stakeholders and are committed to the sustainable management of our activities.

We are committed to effectively govern and manage the environmental and social risks and opportunities that arise from our core business strategy. We will focus our efforts where we believe we can have the most positive impact on our business stakeholders and communities.

To this end, we have developed a policy that affects and enhances all areas of our business, namely people, customers, suppliers, health and safety, the environment and the communities we are proud to support and be part of. We wish to adopt and commit to the principles and practices set out below.

customers, partners and stakeholders

We are committed to building positive, strong and long term relationships with all our customers and other stakeholders, by understanding their objectives as they evolve over time and meeting their needs. We aim to have the highest professional and ethical standards and will be honest, open and transparent in all our dealings with customers. We aim to give fair value, consistent quality and reliability.

people, diversity, equity and inclusion

We will grow and support a diverse workforce, nurture a culture of learning and inclusion, and will aim to drive positive change in the marketplace for our team members, for our customers, partners and for the communities in which we operate. We are committed to recruit, retain, support and develop high-performing, innovative and engaged team members with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and a culture where everyone we work with is appreciated, valued and supported.


We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and contractors. We aim to choose suppliers that are accredited Living Wage Employers and share our ethos in relation to employment practices, quality and environmental controls. This is communicated to all suppliers and potential suppliers.

Health & safety

We aim to achieve and maintain the highest standards of health and safety and provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our activities. We have a current and effective written health and safety policy that is regularly reviewed and updated.


We have implemented an environmental policy that aims to mitigate our environmental impact, including by adopting remote working practices and by implementing procedures that help people we work with understand their environmental responsibilities.


At devrella, we recognise the importance and power of great communities. We support organizations and initiatives that create a positive social impact, including open source initiatives and organisations that enable people to develop a rewarding career in technology and in DevRel. We are an accredited Living Wage Employer and actively support, contribute or donate to The Open Source Initiative, Coding Black Females, the DevRellers Community and Labour Business.